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Wilmar Graphite's SLIDE COAT 1 —
What Every Farm Should Have In It's Arsenal

A big problem with farm equipment is operation in moist conditions causing hang-ups, sticking and rust. Hang-ups, bridging and sticking of grains and seeds results in down time required to free the product and possible damage to the equipment.
Lost time, extra fuel and maintenance takes away from your bottom line.

SLIDE COAT 1 helps stop product hanging up and sticking which reduces down time, saves fuel, extends equipment life and lessens maintenance. Provides excellent flow… even in high moisture conditions. Graphite coat the down flow area on the inside of gravity boxes, inside of seed planters and meters, corn pickers etc. for maximum efficiency. A dry slippery graphite surface that makes a difference which can be painted on.

• Save time, reduce wear and fuel use by getting rid of sticking and bridging by graphite coating Gravity Boxes, Seed Planters and Hoppers, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Silo Augers, Chutes & Shafts, Truck Beds, Wagon Beds, Dump Bins, Rice Planters, Corn Picker Heads, Bean Combines, Conveyor Chains, etc.

• Coating of gravity boxes with SLIDE COAT 1 allows smooth unloading without having to rock or hammer the box and when applied to rotating equipment Slide Coat will not wash off and will not pick-up dirt or dust.

• Reduce down time, save fuel, extend equipment life and lessen maintenance by coating all your farm equipment and more with SLIDE COAT 1

The SLIDE COAT 1 family of lubricants creates a long lasting dry graphite coating that will not chip, strip or wash off. Very useful in dusty and damp conditions where other coatings and lubricants will not work. When applied to rotating equipment it will not wash off or pick-up dirt or grease.

SLIDE COAT 1 can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete and most other surfaces to provide a grey dry slippery graphite surface that will not run, freeze, attract dirt or wash-off. Reduces rust and corrosion.Our lubricants bond tightly to the surface and high pressure wear points, they will burnish for long life.

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The graphite formulation started in the agricultural industry where other coatings, oil and paints could not provide lubrication or slide surfaces in the harsh conditions on the farm.
Our formulations have been in use for over thirty years.

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Wilmar Graphite Powders are finely ground and high purity designed to improve seed distribution and product yield. They can also be added to grease for extended lubrication.

• Improve flow and distribution by adding graphite powder to seed hoppers, dry fertilizer hoppers, etc.

• Get rid of seed bridging and sticking.

• Good seed flow equals better distribution and increased yield.

• Increase the lubricating life of grease by adding graphite powder which will remain after the grease is washed away in exposed applications.

Improve flow, distribution and product yield, stop bridging and sticking, improve and extend the lubrication of grease and more with Wilmar Graphite Company’s High Purity Graphite Powders – When 2nd Best Isn’t Good Enough.

Our high purity, finely ground graphite powders are designed to flow smoothly and have many uses. The powders are approximately 85% pure natural graphite which is sized through 325 mesh. These powders are used as additives in seed planters, rotating seals, greases, cast iron and more. We also have graphite powder available in small tubes for use around the house for Locks, Boy Scout Derby Cars, Gun Mechanisms, Skate Boards and more.

Wilmar Graphite Company markets natural High Purity Graphite Powders with 85% carbon content and 15% ash which is an ideal lubrication composition, since the high purity provides excellent slipperiness and the small ash content prevents over filming of the mechanical parts. The powders are finely ground, sized less than 325 mesh, providing excellent dispersion.

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In addition to our regular talc powder, we also offer a graphite talc powder with 80% talc and 20% graphite for use in seed hoppers which allows the talc to flow more freely and not agglomerate when moister is present.

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